Web Solutions

Virgil Global provides web solutions for smarter business: Website re-design, Web app development, and e-Commerce solutions. We guide small businesses with technology implementation and analysis.

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We offer rapid web development to bring your ideas from concept to life. Call us today at +1-765-586-2809!

Web App

We design and develop web applications to your specific needs, with user registration and login functionality. We use Python Django rapid web application framework, which makes it easier to build and deploy great web apps quickly with less code.

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Web Store

We build web stores to your unique design needs using WooCommerce (PHP) or Longclaw a shop for Wagtail CMS, and payment integration of your choice - based on Django, it can be easily plugged-in with any other apps for extending functionality.

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We build websites using WordPress CMS (PHP) Or Wagtail CMS framework (Python Django), which is elegant and easily makes beautiful websites. Add features, re-design sections, spend less time on configuration and more perfecting your new site.

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