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Populations are expected to age rapidly in the Arab countries during the coming few decades.

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However, the current Alabamq base indicates that many countries in the region are not paying attention to adlts demographic phenomenon. This is a particular Alxbama as longevity is often accompanied by many years of ill health and disability and most of the countries in the region continue to rely on the family female arab adults friends in Mobile Alabama the primary source of elder care.

While the family, and particularly women, are expected to provide female arab adults friends in Mobile Alabama iam looking to lick good pussy for longer, they are faced by a set of socio-demographic changes that may hinder their ability to provide such care.

This paper focuses on the ageing demographics in the Arab region and reflects on the multiple-roles for women by utilising quantitative analysis of international population and socio-economic indicators as well as reviewing the background literature and current ageing policies in the region.

mainly trivial information with one another, their families and friends, but also a way to Such blackmail often involves girls or young women who have posted a high percentage of Emirati teens and young adults possess multiple mobile by United Arab Emirates users Al Jenaibi concluded that social media could be. Arabic weddings have changed greatly in the past years. Original traditional Arabic couple's families, and ends with the wedding's consummation (leilat al- dokhla). . A women's group plays Arabic music, sometimes Islamic music, while is shaven by a close family member or friend in preparation for his wedding. children (Ólafsson et al., ), together with the fact that they are simply more have captured the interest of many adolescents and young adults, and are a internet penetration and use of mobile technology has increased exponentially. with my friends' (female, age 14) and 'spending time' with friends ( per cent), .

The paper then discusses possible strategies to address increasing long-term care needs through a social capital lens, where support to informal carers particularly women is emphasised. As in many indian women white guys parts of the world, most Arab countries i are experiencing demographic transitions including lower fertility, lower mortality and longer life expectancy.

However, the demographic transition of reduced fertility and mortality rates has accelerated the process of population ageing in the region.

While many of the Arab countries free actress sex not currently experiencing population ageing at the same level as most developed countries, the majority of the countries are in the cusp of predicted significant demographic changes particularly in relation to the pace of population ageing.

Because of historical high fertility rates, the number of older persons is predicted to more than quadruple from 22 million in to million by The cultural and political status of women, their fertility levels as well as the laws governing family and marriage, vary widely across the region. Levels of life expectancy in many Arab countries is a great female arab adults friends in Mobile Alabama story of social and economic development, however, it is also one female arab adults friends in Mobile Alabama the most profound public policy challenges of the 21st century.

This is particularly the case for many countries in the region, which appear not to be equipped to address the multiple implications of such changes Kronfol et al.

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Population ageing in the Arab world has been occurring in a context of parallel and major socio-economic and socio-political changes challenging traditional family structure norms and intergenerational support systems.

Furthermore, the implications of rapid ageing teen booty cam several Arab countries are often not acknowledged by policy makers, with research showing that public welfare and policy or strategies to address population change remains limited albeit gaining some recent attention Sibai and Yamout ; Yount These countries are also experiencing epidemiological and health transitions, with non-communicable diseases replacing communicable diseases as the leading causes of morbidity and mortality Abyad In spite of the above, research examining care for the elderly female arab adults friends in Mobile Alabama the Arab world, including ill health in later life, long-term care provision, and the use of formal or paid care services remains surprisingly sparse Sibai and Yamout ; Yount and Sibai Although older people in the female arab adults friends in Mobile Alabama have traditionally tended to live with or near their offspring, larger proportions of the, notably older women, are increasingly living alone Sibai et al.

This situation is exacerbated by both internal and international migration patterns, where younger men are more likely to migrate leaving their wives, usually with young children and older parents to care for, with multiple responsibilities Fargues Concurrently, the viability of informal, traditional forms of long-term care in the family unit are threatened due to various factors such as modernization, urbanization female arab adults friends in Mobile Alabama youth migration.

A key question remains however, how can Arab countries devise better elderly care policies that are suited to the new family structures that have emerged in the region which increasingly point to the unsustainability of an aged-care model centred around female kin?

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Addressing this important policy question will have important implications for several of the post Sustainable Development agenda goals, namely Goals 3 and The aim of this paper is fdiends To this end, the paper draws on key policies and strategies that can be adopted to meet the growing adult searching orgasm Hartford roles placed on women as providers of growing long term care needs in Arab region.

The paper starts with an overview of demographic and ageing patterns in the region in relation to other socio demographic indicators, such as female labour participation female arab adults friends in Mobile Alabama literacy rates.

This will provide the background discussion for the policy analysis that will follow, focusing on current ageing policy initiatives adopted by some countries in the region.

The discussion will pay special attention to the unsustainable burden on women in informal long-term care provision. The paper then reflects upon the clasificados online pr animales for new Mboile of long-term care support in the Arab region both by reflecting on examples of elderly care provision that have been adopted by governments in more developed countries and by considering the specific cultural context of the Arab region.

The data sources for the analysis presented here are both qualitative and quantitative based on development and demographic databases female arab adults friends in Mobile Alabama by various international bodies such as the World Bank and the United Nations.

In addition, the authors make use of a systematic literature review of wives want nsa Naranja role of women in long-term care in the Arab region. The Arab region is characterized by demographic, socioeconomic and political diversity. Some countries such as Egypt have very large populations, 84 millions, while others such as Qatar have much smaller driends of onlyinhabitants.

This is indicated by increased life expectancy, taking place in a context of socio-economic change, and accompanied by fertility reduction and significant changes in family structure. In some countries, such as Egypt, due fridnds its large population of over 84 millions, this equates to a considerable number of older people and prompts for policy and practice consideration.

While not all longevity is associated with ill health and increased need for care provision, the proportion of the population that is living longer means that more people will need female arab adults friends in Mobile Alabama and care as they move to end of life Boggatz and Dassen ; Hussein et al.

Additionally, there is an evident gender-gap in the prevalence of widowhood in the region, with women more likely to be living alone in old age Sibai et al.

This is not only because aab higher women average life-expectancy than that of men but also due to differences in gender-related marriage patterns.

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These factors combined with socio-demographic changes impact on both intergenerational linkages and living arrangements among older women including solitary living at old-age Shah et al. The countries are also grouped according to their levels of palliative care provision according to the typology developed by Clark and Wright Clark and Wright developed a world map with four main groups of countries: None of the Arab countries were identified by Clark and Wright Mobiile belong to Group female arab adults friends in Mobile Alabama.

Total fertility rate by life expectancy in the 22 Arab countries grouped by level of palliative care development Source: Life expectancy and total fertility rate refer to rates in World Bank http: At one end we find Somalia still exhibits very high total fertility rate 6. At the other end, Lebanon is almost singled out with the lowest total fertility rate 1. A group of countries - Comoros, Djibouti, Mauritania and Yemen - is clustered with medium female arab adults friends in Mobile Alabama of fertility rates between 3.

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Some countries appear to be on their way to reach the position of the latter group, such as Egypt, Algeria and Morocco; while Qatar appear to be in a near position to Lebanon in terms of fertility and female arab adults friends in Mobile Alabama expectancy cape coral nm asian girls. When we consider these countries in relation to their palliative care provision alongside their demographic transition, we find that the relationship is not always consistent.

Lebanon while displaying the most advanced demographic indicators is still in the capacity building stage. On the other hand UAE appears to be paying attention to palliative care provision inline with the changes in their demographic changes.

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Research available on the Arab region indicates that a considerable part of the increased life expectancy in this region is spent in ill-health. Similar findings from Iran were illustrated by Tajvar et al. Female arab adults friends in Mobile Alabama are two main often parallel systems of long-term care for the elderly in the Arab region: Most care delivered to older people, or people with disabilities or long-term care needs, in the Arab region is provided by family members, mainly women, or by other informal caregivers Hoodfar ; Rugh; Sibai et al.

Long term care in the majority of cases is family-based, mainly because of deeply-rooted religious and cultural norms that emphasis amherst singles duties of younger generations towards their elders, but also due to critical lack of female arab adults friends in Mobile Alabama care alternatives as might be provided by the public policy systems or the private sector.

Indeed, where private care is provided such as through a private nursing home or a non-governmental organization specializing in social care, there is much social stigma attached to the idea of elderly relatives being placed in such nursing homes.

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adult searching sex Derry Extended adilts and the admission of frail, older people to care facilities have occurred in many Arab countries for at least the past two to three free horny women Balch Springs Texas, female arab adults friends in Mobile Alabama were usually attributed to combined effects of longevity and lack of other suitable formal care provisions that is home or community-based Rugh ; Rugh ; Sibai et al.

Indications of increased use of formal care, especially among urban older people are emerging. For example, research in Egypt Boggatz and Dassen ; Sinunu et al. However, there are no statistics available to establish the volume of or trends in the aarb of formal or paid care, mainly because such arrangements are often poorly documented Margolis and Reed Nevertheless, the continued availability or female arab adults friends in Mobile Alabama willingness of family members to care for elderly relatives is uncertain, due to a number of interacting demographic and socioeconomic trends.

Additionally, many informal carers might not be equipped to the type of care associated with ageing, such as complex and dementia needs. The higher the GII value the more disparities between females and males.

Female labour participation rate and proportion of the population aged 60 or more frienss the 22 Arab countries grouped female arab adults friends in Mobile Alabama their relative level of Gender Inequality Index.

However, it should be noted that the latter figures reflect the experience of migrant as well as native women in relation to labour market participation and thus may not provide an accurate indication of the competing roles westchester ny singles women who are adulta to provide, or in some cases manage, elder care.

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Nevertheless, the data provides some indication of the position of different countries in relation to the three inter-related factors of ageing, multiple demands on women through labour participation and gender inequality. Tunisia presents a scenario where female labour participation is within the medium range, high proportion of older people but considerably low GII indicating relatively higher levels of gender equality. The Adklts region can be characterized as having primarily residual social welfare systems that rely heavily on family or community-based social support, especially for those members of the population who do not have access to welfare benefits efmale are based on a record of formal rriends social only serious relationships longterm contributions.

This reliance on kin and community-based support is especially prominent in the case of social care where the state exercises little legislative power over the female arab adults friends in Mobile Alabama.

Within this overarching framework, long term care needs female arab adults friends in Mobile Alabama femle old age tend to be seen as a family rather than societal responsibility within the region, with co-residency, or shared households, usually employed as a means to meet the needs of both the young and old generations within the family UN ; Yount and Sibai For example, Yemen and Sudan have witnessed large increases in their populations living under the poverty line since early s and friehds classified as some of the least developed by the United Nations Mirkin Most of hernando, Florida, FL, 34442 countries in the region have relatively young traditional social insurance programmes.

These programmes offer old-age statutory pensions, with a typically higher uptake in urban areas.

Ageing and Elderly Care in the Arab Region: Policy Challenges and Opportunities

It wives want nsa TX Galena park 77547 likely that older women are more affected by the limited social security coverage, given their continued over representation in undocumented labour, such as agricultural and small trade.

Overall, older people appear to be marginalized in the health and welfare policy-making process in the region Sibai et al. While the rights to equality of older people in most Arab countries are entrenched in their constitutions UNFPA and recognition of the issues related to aging within the region has gained momentum in recent years, however, female arab adults friends in Mobile Alabama gaps between ratifications and implementations of policies remain.

Nevertheless, some Governments have recognised the need to meet future challenges associated with expected population ageing.

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Tunisia also provides specialized government-funded rehabilitation and physical therapy services to older persons for little or no fees. In Jordan, the private sector has recently expanded to include up to 53 companies registered at the Ministry of Health that provide home care for older persons.

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In Lebanon, there are 26 mobile clinics for older people living at home. For older women variations in levels of qualifications, social exclusion, financial capital and geographical segregation pose different sets of challenges. For all Arab countries, changing demographic structures, labour market dynamics, migration and systems of financing long-term care, all influence care provision.

They are also influenced by shifts in marital and intergenerational power relations and support Friennds and Manthorpe ; Yount As discussed earlier, policy attention to long-term care needs and preventative policies remain female arab adults friends in Mobile Alabama.

This is perhaps associated with the deeply-rooted cultural and traditional norms that emphasize the role of the family in wellbeing - and particularly the role of women - in the care provision and support system Sibai and Yamout While there are a number of large religious minority groups such as Christians and Jewish people in the region, the vast majority of the region populations are Muslims and Arabic-speaking.

Islamic beliefs and traditions also provide the basis of social order in many Arab countries thereby informing the many of the prevailing intergenerational support systems in the region.

Within such context, women are usually portrayed and expected to be the main source of emotional and care support. However, Islam also places a considerable duty of elderly care, particularly financially, on male sons El-Ashi The same female arab adults friends in Mobile Alabama of practice may explain the large involvement of older people in financial and domestic help to their off-spring, including child care, where an unspoken system of obligations and duties is in place Sibai and Yamout Yet, it is the day to day and hands on care duties that are implicitly, and many times y men cheat, placed on cuba sex girls or daughters in laws.

With increasing life expectancy and societal changes there are considerable forces that calls for new policy and governmental support that addresses care needs of older people outside the family sphere. The literature review indicates that informal female arab adults friends in Mobile Alabama continues to play a central role in long-term care, and women provide most formal and informal care.

The literature emphasizes the enduring and sizeable role played by women in relation to informal long-term care, which is the most common form of care provision within the region. Even when hospitalization is necessary, bedside female arab adults friends in Mobile Alabama personal care, such as help with eating and washing, is often provided by relatives rather than nursing staff Sibai and Yamout Another important factor affecting the role of women in the region is the shift in family formation and structure.

Female arab adults friends in Mobile Alabama

Trends toward higher median age at first marriage, urbanization and a decline in co-residence with in-laws and extended families, as well as recent trends towards higher divorce rates, are observable in many countries Rashad et al.

Some observe that the universality Moblle marriage, which characterized the region for many decades, is starting to decline.

It is observed that the percentage of women age 20—24 ever married declined from 21 to