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Going from hot to cold

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A couple of weeks ago, the temperature in New York dropped something like 30 degrees in the span of a day.

A month or so earlier, the city had seen the reverse— a something-degree day was followed soon after by an unseasonable degree one. But a few friends I spoke to instead took this opportunity to introduce my jot boring discussion topic: This is a line of thinking I have heretofore going from hot to cold as self-evident truth—a sizable change in temperature, in either direction, can give you a cold, or where are women available cough, or a sore throat.

The reason is Something about barometric pressure, maybe?

Many places experience a number of wacky weather reversals at every changing season, but not everyone falls sick every time. So who is susceptible, and why?

As Ray Casciari, a pulmonologist at St. Joseph Hospital in Orange, California, told me, changing weather can make you sick, but it has less to do with the actual temperature change, and more to do with environmental effects associated with those gooing. As such, there tulsa bargain post online no direct link between avoiding the cold and staying healthy.

Not so. There is a social component to this phenomenon, too—as Casciari explains it, where people congregate, illness spreads.

This could mean a crowded day at the park or the zoo on an unseasonably warm day, but more often, people gather indoors, in more enclosed spaces, when the weather gets cold. Like many human mouths in close proximity. So if you going from hot to cold looking for an excuse to skip your office holiday party, there you go.

There is good news here: Because getting sick after a rapid temperature change is largely due to correlational factors like humidity and crowdedness, there is something you can do to prevent it. Casciari suggests liberal use of alcohol wipes in public, and particularly on airplanes.

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Chelsea Beck. Katie Heaney is a writer based in New York City.