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Male culture in Jordan is astronomically different than male culture in America.

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This was one of the first gguys differences I saw. When first arriving in Amman, I walked into a store and was shocked to see two guys walking holding guys from jordan.

To add to this confusion, I saw two other guys sitting, one with his hand over the others chest. The first thing male friends do when they encounter one another is kiss another guys from jordan the cheek one on the left and three, sometimes more, on the right.

Plus, there is no bubble around one or the other, they will always be very close to you. Guys from jordan from America, this was very strange to me, I was not used to such friendliness between guys, but I have grown accustomed jirdan it.

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guys from jordan Personally, I think this type of openness is healthier for male society. The closed-up American society on what masculinity is really impedes folks, in my opinion.

In Jordan, this openness of brotherhood is very inspiring and a guys from jordan of fresh air. I have learned the customs through my Arabic peer tutor who is guts a junior in college; we will do the greetings and guys from jordan one another, just like normal.

The male culture here is definitely a different perspective I am not used to, especially coming from America.

But the way they express brotherly love, comfort in their ads for free belfast skin and friendship ftom something men in America might look to as an example of guys from jordan masculinity really is. I have moved to Jordan from the UK. When I first arrived, I was shocked to see two men holding hands walking guys from jordan the street.

But now I am used to it. I, myself have greeted Jordanian men by kissing on the cheek and vice versa. Nice article.

That could be quite a culture shock. Being a male from America I can see where it could make one quite uncomfortable.

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But Guys from jordan agree that their way of openly showing affection is something that we could learn. It sounds like you already. Another perk of study abroad! All content by country: Study abroad blog International scholar insights.

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Cameron Landels says: September 27, at 8: Lorna says: May 13, at 2: Stay connected International Center. Study abroad.

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