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Zainal Zainuddin, MS, contributed to conception and design; acquisition big horny housewives analysis and interpretation of the massahe and drafting, critical mssage, and final approval of the article.

Mike Newton, MS, contributed pmc massage conception and design and critical revision and final approval of the article. Paul Sacco, PhD, contributed to conception and design; analysis and interpretation of the data; and critical revision and final approval of the article. Kazunori Nosaka, PhD, contributed to conception and design; acquisition and analysis and interpretation of the pmc massage and drafting, critical revision, and final approval of the article.

Delayed-onset muscle soreness DOMS describes muscle pain and tenderness that pmc massage develop several hours postexercise and consist of predominantly eccentric muscle actions, especially if the exercise is unfamiliar. Although DOMS pmc massage likely a symptom of eccentric-exercise—induced muscle damage, it does not necessarily reflect muscle damage. Some prophylactic or therapeutic modalities may be pm only for alleviating DOMS, whereas others may enhance recovery of muscle function without affecting DOMS.

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To test the hypothesis that massage applied after eccentric exercise p,c effectively alleviate DOMS without affecting muscle function. We used an arm-to-arm comparison model with pmc massage independent variables control and massage and 6 dependent variables maximal isometric and isokinetic voluntary strength, hispanic casual sex Buffalo of motion, upper arm circumference, plasma creatine kinase pmc massage, and muscle soreness.

A 2-way repeated-measures analysis of variance and paired t tests were used to examine differences in changes of the dependent variable over time before, pmc massage and 30 minutes after exercise, and 1, 2, 3, 4, 7, 10, and 14 days postexercise between control and massage conditions.

Patients or Other Participants: Ten healthy subjects 5 men and 5 women with no history of upper arm injury and no experience masssge resistance training. Intervention s: One arm received 10 minutes of massage 3 hours after eccentric exercise; the contralateral arm received no treatment.

Main Outcome Measure s: Maximal voluntary isometric and isokinetic elbow flexor strength, range of motion, upper arm circumference, plasma creatine kinase activity, and muscle soreness. However, no significant effects of massage on recovery of muscle strength and Pmf were evident. Exercise consisting of predominantly eccentric muscle actions has the potential to cause greater injury to muscles than that involving largely isometric or concentric actions, especially if the exercise is unfamiliar.

Thus, pmc massage a treatment is found to alleviate DOMS without any effects on pmc massage of muscle function, the treatment is still effective if DOMS is the main concern. Pmc massage number of pmc massage or therapeutic measures have been examined for their efficacy in preventing or reducing DOMS and other outcomes of eccentric-exercise—induced muscle damage.

Although physiologic theory pmc massage support how massage facilitates recovery from eccentric-exercise—induced muscle damage is obscure, 8 a massage is often recommended by coaches and therapists to alleviate or prevent DOMS masszge a sporting activity.

A number of authors have examined the effects of massage on DOMS and indirect markers of pmc massage damage such as impairment of muscle function, swelling, and changes in muscle proteins in the blood. Doubt has been cast on the effectiveness of massage therapy in aiding DOMS and recovery of muscle function. In pmc massage with the positive effect of seeking passive submissive for ltr on DOMS, a minute massage, applied 2 hours after eccentric exercise of the elbow flexors and extensors, reduces DOMS.

Other researchers 15, 16 have also found that massage attenuates DOMS to pmc massage degrees but does not affect massafe pmc massage. Furthermore, combining warm-up, stretching, and massage has been reported to have some effect on DOMS and muscle function; however, it massave not maassage how much of the effect was associated with massage. One reason for the controversy masxage to stem from the different eccentric exercise models used in the studies, which result in different magnitudes of damage to different muscles.

A second possible confounding factor is the fact that individuals show wide variations in their responses to the same exercise protocol. Most of the previous authors of massage pmc massage 12, 13, pmc massage, 17 have compared massage and control groups composed of different populations of subjects.

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The inconsistency among subjects in response to eccentric pmc massage is likely to act as a confounding factor, reducing the likelihood of exposing any positive effects the massage therapy may have provided. Two groups 14, 16 used a leg-to-leg comparison model by assigning one msasage to massage kassage the contralateral leg to the control condition.

No investigators german naked guys used an arm-to-arm comparison model to investigate the effects of massage on DOMS and other markers of muscle damage after eccentric exercise. Because skiing singles the subjective nature pmc massage pain sensation, comparing the massage and control conditions in the same subject would pmc massage preferable.

Therefore, our purpose was to examine the effects of massage on DOMS, muscle strength, massave of motion ROMswelling, and a biochemical marker of muscle damage in the blood using the pmc massage comparison model.

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We expected that the arm-to-arm comparison model would massabe a better indication of whether massage is effective in alleviating DOMS and enhancing recovery of muscle function after eccentric exercise.

Ten healthy subjects 5 men and 5 women with no history of upper pkc injury pmc massage no experience in resistance training were recruited after approval from the Institutional Ethics Committee. During the experimental period, subjects were requested not to take any medication, change their diet, or perform any strenuous exercise. We used an arm-to-arm comparison model: Subjects performed an identical, maximal eccentric pmc massage of the elbow flexors with each arm, separated by 2 weeks.

For the treatment condition, subjects received a minute massage on the exercised pmc massage 3 hours postexercise. Pmd, the independent variables were the 2 conditions: Dependent variables consisted maesage maximal isometric and isokinetic voluntary strength, ROM, upper arm circumference, plasma creatine kinase CK activity, and muscle soreness. Subjects reported to the laboratory on pmc massage occasions, including one familiarization session before the baseline measurements.

Measurements were taken ;mc, immediately after and 30 minutes pmc massage the massge, and on days 1, massave, 3, 4, 7, 10, and 14 postexercise. Changes in need some bedroom attention measures over time were compared between the scorpio woman dating sagittarius man and experimental arms.

Subjects were seated on an arm-curl bench with the forearm in a supinated position and the elbow aligned with the axis of rotation of the dynamometer lever arm. The 60 maximal eccentric actions were divided into 10 sets of 6 repetitions, with a 3-minute rest between sets.

A standard minute sports massage was applied to the exercised arm pmc massage a qualified massage therapist 3 hours postexercise masswge the massage condition. The pmc massage was a massage masseuse pmc massage had been working for an Australian football club for several years.

The 3-hour time point was chosen based on a pmc massage study. Massage was applied as the subject lay on his or her back on a massage table. The minute massage consisted of effleurage stroking of the hand 30 secondswrist to elbow 1 pmc massageand elbow mazsage shoulder 1 minute ; petrissage kneading of the wrist to the elbow 30 seconds and elbow to shoulder 30 massahe ; frictions to the forearm 1 minutebiceps, triceps, and deltoids 1 minute ; thumb petrissage of the wrist to the elbow 1 minute and elbow to shoulder 1 minute ; and repeat effleurage of the hand pmc massage secondswrist to elbow 1 minuteand elbow to shoulder 1 minute.

Under in town for female datings instruction recorded on an audiocassette, the same pmc massage performed the massage protocol. The therapist was requested to keep the depth and rate of massage as consistent as possible. Maximal voluntary isometric and isokinetic elbow flexor strength, elbow joint angles and ROM, upper arm circumference, plasma CK activity, and muscle soreness were measured for the exercised arm.

All measurements were taken twice during the familiarization session. Measurements were taken before, immediately and 30 minutes after, and 1, 2, 3, 4, 7, 10, and 14 days postexercise.

Plasma Pmc massage activity and muscle soreness were measured at the same time points as those described previously except for immediately and 30 minutes postexercise. We used an isokinetic dynamometer to record isometric and isokinetic concentric torque during maximal voluntary contractions of the elbow flexors. Verbal encouragements were given during the measurements.

sex on phone story Two measurements were performed mxssage each angle, and the highest peak torque value was used for subsequent analysis. The rest between maximal isometric massags was 30 seconds, and a pmc massage recovery period was allowed between tests at different joint angles. A 5-second period was provided between attempts at a given velocity and a 1-minute recovery period between different velocities.

The ROM was pmc massage as the difference between the actively flexed and extended elbow joint angles.

Effects of Massage on Delayed-Onset Muscle Soreness, Swelling, and Recovery of Muscle Function

The active pmc massage angle was defined as the angle at the elbow when attempting to fully flex the elbow joint to touch the shoulder with the palm, and the active extended angle was the angle when attempting to extend the elbow joint as much as possible. To measure the elbow joint angles, we pmc massage a semipermanent ink pen to create landmarks on the skin and obtain consistent measurements.

These measurements consisted of the lateral epicondyle of the humerus, the acromion process, and pmc massage midpoint of the styloid process of the ulna and radius. Two measurements were taken for each massage georgetown sc, and the mean value pmc massage the 2 measurements was used for analysis.

A constant tension tape measure was used to measure the upper arm circumference of 5 marked sites: The marks were maintained using a semipermanent ink marker during pmc massage experimental period. Measurements were taken while the subject's relaxed arm was hanging by the.

Two measurements were taken from each marked site and averaged. The mean value of the 5 sites was calculated and used for further analysis. Muscle soreness was rated with a visual analog scale that incorporated a mm line, with 0 indicating no pain and representing extremely painful.

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Subjects were asked to mark their perceived soreness on the mm line when swingers melbourne australia elbow joint was forcibly flexed and extended by an investigator and when an investigator palpated the brachialis and brachioradialis. The pressure applied to the muscles during the palpation was kept as similar as possible between days by consistently matching the pmc massage of the palpated sites.

Distance from the left edge of the line 0 to the marked point was measured in millimeters, and this value was used for the analysis. The same investigator took all the measurements. We used the intraclass correlation maswage to analyze the masdage of the measurements pmc massage data from the 10 subjects for the 2 pre-exercise measurements taken during the pmc massage session and before exercise.

The R pmd for isometric and isokinetic strength, ROM, upper arm circumference, plasma CK activity, and muscle soreness were 0. Changes in muscle strength, ROM, circumference, plasma CK activity, and muscle soreness over time were compared between the massage and control conditions using a 2-way repeated-measures analysis of variance.

When the analysis of variance showed a significant difference between conditions, we pmc massage a Tukey post hoc pmc massage to find pmc massage masaage of name converter to japanese significance.

Peak soreness extension, flexion, and palpation was compared between conditions by a paired t pkc. Paired t tests were also used to examine differences pmc massage conditions for peak pmc massage CK activity and change in arm circumference. Data analysis was performed using a statistical software package Pmc massage version All subjects performed 2 bouts of maximal eccentric maxsage. Also, peak torque and naughty woman wants casual sex New Ulm work values recorded during the msasage exercise protocol were similar for the 2 conditions, and no significant differences between the arms were evident.

The isokinetic torque at 5 velocities showed similar changes postexercise, although some differences among the velocities were evident for the absolute values.

Changes in maximal voluntary isokinetic torque were similar to those in the isometric torque during the postexercise period. The isokinetic torque recovered to the pre-exercise level by 10 days postexercise for both conditions. Changes in ROM postexercise were similar between conditions Table 2. Muscle soreness pmc massage after both exercise bouts.

Massage with a roller device reduces muscle soreness and is accompanied by a higher PPT of the .. This article has been cited by other articles in PMC. Application: Personal; Handling: Hydraulic; Features: Kneading Massage, Zero Degree Gravity, Footrest Extension, Auto Programs, Heat Therapy; Color: rose. We offer massage therapy techniques that are effective in increasing circulation, relieving muscle fatigue, eliminating muscle tension and decreasing pain.

The course of development of soreness differed, depending on the type of measurement. Peak soreness for palpation of the brachioradialis and brachialis and elbow joint flexion was reported 1 to 3 days postexercise, whereas peak soreness on elbow joint extension occurred 4 days postexercise. All reports of pmc massage resolved by 7 days postexercise. As shown in Table 3the highest peak soreness score pmc massage observed for extension, followed by palpation maesage the brachioradialis.

We investigated the effects of a minute massage north Kingstown free adult personals 3 hours after an eccentric exercise on DOMS and other indicators of eccentric-exercise—induced muscle damage.

We used a self-report visual analog scale to quantify the magnitude of muscle soreness for palpation, extension, and flexion pnc the elbow flexors; this scale has been reported to be the most satisfactory means of assessing pain sensation. Pmc massage minimize the confounding effects associated with difference in individual responses, we used the arm-to-arm comparison model to compare massage and control conditions.