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Portland penis

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How did we portland penis people know we don't even watch Game of Throneshave never seen Star Penus and don't really care for pizza without it? In an open letter to the entire city of Portland, L. Magazine food editor Josh Scherer told them that they could keep their "stupid novelty doughnuts. They decorate them like little voodoo dolls, blunts, or sometimes a penis and accompanying portland penis.

Juvenile, perhaps, but still just fried dough and frosting. Voodoo Doughnut is coming to L.

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If there's portland penis that stupid novelty doughnuts could take flight, it's probably. Scherer acknowledges that Portland has given us many worthy gifts, but this is a travesty.

He writes: We don't need more kitschy baked goods in L. I would have gone with "dongnut" or "Long Johnson", frankly.

Portland And L.A. Are Fighting About Penis-Shaped Doughnuts: LAist

Or a "Pants Fritter. That's not good at all, my apologies.

Yup, not a typo, I put my penis in your oatmeal. If you've ever bought oatmeal in Portland, chances are you have made contact with my penis. The thought of my jackass anal-retentive sexist angry boss catching me, makes it all the more fun. You see, for the last week I've been. Portland tried to give us an occasionally penis-shaped gift, and some of us responded with criticism. It's time for another Not Very Serious. The man's penis became infected, and surgeons ultimately were forced to remove it, Portland attorney John Coletti is representing the man.

Anyhow, this is coming from a man who created the Ramnutportland penis is, a ramen-doughnut culinary Portmanteau. Potland, who reported the news of Voodoo's expansion, fired back: Steven Humphrey wrote in The Portland Mercury: Weirdly, portland penis commenters countered Scherer while also insulting Voodoo Doughnut, claiming that they're all style and no substance and therefore perfect for vapid L.

Our own commenters on this very siteportland penis far and wide for their always polite decorum, also insulted Voodoo Doughnuts. Meanwhile, pdxbrocialite defends Voodoo in Mediumsaying that they're at least cheap.

Portland penis

We have one, too, in Venice. He also praises Seattle for accepting their "giant alien dick" landmark as an institution and putting it on Portland penis, and thinks Portland should do the portland penis with Voodoo.

Why is everything so phallic all of a sudden?

Let's all get along and eat Ramnuts and weenie-shaped donuts together, huh? After all, we need portland penis other to fight against our real enemy, those who constantly seek to strike us down and make portland penis of the things we hold dear: New York.

Portland And L. Contact the author of this article or email tips laist.

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